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Osmocote Plus


Osmocote Plus

9 month slow release fertilizer.
15-9-12 – Includes 7.5 Gram Scoop for accurate dispensing. Sprinkle on the soil about 4″ from the trunk of the tree.

This product comes in 7.5 grams tablets and granular, Analysis is 15-9-12. I will be selling only the granular. I use the tablets only for single tree sales.
How much you use depend in the size of the plant and the size of the container. Trial and error will tell you when you have applied too much or too little, however, here are some suggested application rates I took out from the Osmocote Plus instructions.

1 to 2 quarts container 7.5 grams (1 Scoopful)
3 quarts to a gallon container 15 grams
1.5 gallons 23 grams
2 gallons 38 grams
5 gallons 75 grams

All these are surface application rates but amount applied varies with rainfall, Temperatures, irrigation type, type of growing media, etc. I sell the tablets or when you order granular, you will get a 7.5 gram scoop with your order.