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That makes it a sale day!

That day had to come. After we were done, 3 hours later, I came to the realization that I did have some half gallon bags I did not know I had.

Actually I have  7 boxes of 1000 bags. Yes, you can buy them, price remains the same.

I also have 24 boxes of 500 1 gallon bags.  They are right now $85 per box plus shipping.  I will drop them to $50 per box plus the shipping which is $21.50.  Total $ 71.50  I don’t want to completely run out of them, then  I will keep this sale until June 10 only.

How do you buy them?  I don’t know if I am breaking any rules the easiest way  I know is if you send  71.50 to via Paypal, I will know  you want the  1 gallon bags and I will ship you a box but you can still send me a little note with 1 gallon bags on it.  Make sure your mailing address is included.

It is really very hard to make the change to the website.