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Shipping Charges

All the shipping is done at the post office and boxes  are sent via Priority mail and  the short cuttings that go in Priority flat rate bags 

There is a handling charge of $2 on each order for packaging.

Unless we use flat rate boxes or bags from the USPS, postage is calculated by the cart based on weight of each item, Origin (19343) and destination zip.

When you order multiple items, the cart does not know that I can put many items in the same box and charges for multiple boxes, increasing the freight charges. My aim is to charge you no more than what I pay for postage. I check every order after I come back from the post office and give you credit if the postage is less than what the cart charged you. If the difference is a dollar or so either way, I don’t bother.

The minimum you will get charged for shipping is $10.00. This includes Priority mail $8.00, and Handling $2.00. Delivery Confirmation is on me.