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1 pound of medium watersorb

What else should you add to the ground before you plant? If you are concerned with not being able to water your trees on time, or if your soil is very sandy and water just goes thru it, you could add Watersorb, a polymer that retains water. I sell this by the pound, but, be aware, do not use too much of this or you will drown your plants. Use as much as a tablespoon of watersorb for each tree, no more. The watersorb has to be mixed well with the soil prior to planting the tree or cuttings. It is not always practical to use watersorb, for instance when you plant cuttings by just making a hole in the ground and placing the cutting in it.How else can you use watersorb? Industry is using this in a lot of different applications. Put some water in a plastic bag, some food coloring, a pinch of watersorb, seal it (zip-lock won’t do it, it has to be sealed) and you have a hot or cold compress which you can use in the microwave Be sure to leave no air trapped in the bag or it will explode when put in the microwave oven. For freezer use add some sugar to prevent it from getting hard. these compresses sell for $16 each at the drugstore, you can make it for about 4 cents. The latest scream in uses for watersorb… sanitary napkins.