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OP-367 Long Cuttings (9 ft and longer)

OP-367 Long Cuttings (15 ft and longer)
Local customers only RESERVE YOURS NOW . Planting longer cuttings is like planting instant trees. Within a month after they start growing you will have branches and leaves!. The cuttiings must be planted at least 8 inches in the ground (2 inch dia holes) and supported with a bamboo cane inserted deep, parallel with the cutting. You are trying to prevent the cutting from swaying with the wind. Dig holes early (November?) and place the bamboo canes in place so you don't have to drill thru ice in february. It is your choice to leave them long (if you have a long truck) or cut them down to 10 ft. or so.. If you want to reserve some of these cuttings, send me 10% of the total cost, Please email me before you send any money ( (cuttings are $15 each), with your name and address. Cuttings will be available any time in February. That is the reason you should have dug the holes in advance, In February most likely the ground will be frozen and you will not be able to do any digging. I already have 12 of them reserved, I am going to use them myself to make a little forest so I can offer more of these long cutings in future years. Process: Scratch the lower 6 inches of the cuttings with a dull knife, If you see green is okay, if you see tan, then you are scratching too deep. Remove the lower 1/4" of the cutting to show fresh wood. Dust all scratched surfaces and the bottom of the cutting with Hormodin. Place the cutting in the hole, backfill with soil and tamp it, tie the cutting to the Bamboo cane so it does not sway with the wind. Water the area generously.This support can be removed 6 months after the trees start growing. If you get rain, you don't have to bother with them at all. The cuttings will start growing around the first week in April, otherwise water the cuttings about every 2 weeks to keep them from dehydrating. There is no need to do anything with these trees, they will grow -+10 ft. per year their total height will be 100 ft. in about 10 years and the trunk will be about 12 inches in diameter at the base. These trees have a life span of close to 40 years.
There are no long cuttings left for 2024, sorry.