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OP-367 2 Bud Cuttings


Canadian customers:Please do not attempt to place any orders on this website, it is not setup to take any orders from outside the US. Anything you need, please send me an email.

My favorite tree, grows from Alaska to Texas. My OP-367 trees in Pennsylvania grew over 14 ft. during 2004, over 17 ft. in 2005, 16 ft. during 2006 and 17 ft. during 2007. Why are then so short? I cut them down to the ground every year. Reaches 100 ft. at maturity and 40 ft. wide. Keep in mind, the young leaves from this tree will turn reddish. There is nothing wrong with them, eventually they will turn green. I Use Hormodin 1 with these cuttings. These cuttings are 2-4 inches long. In the futre they will all be 3.5″ long.