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Hybrid Poplar DN-34 Male Live Tree


This tree looks just like the OP-367 until   it is 3 or 4 years old.  grows to 100 ft. and 25 ft. wide in about 10 years. If you want this tree for wood burning like most everybody, plant it 6 ft. apart. It can be cut in 5 years when the trunks will be 6 inches in diameter I picked this tree among 32 different clones as the best in the group. The tree will regenerate from  the stump  I just planted some dn-34 trees.

3/15/23  Temp, 45° and 50 mph wind. Trees do not grow with these cold temperatures. We need 60s.
3/18/23  Temp 55° Buds turning shinier.

 Since I had only 2 bud  cuttings I am growing them anyway. I have 2 boxes of these and yes, it will take a few weeks longer to get the to be about a foot tall. Just keep on watching these pictures. April 10