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16 OP-367 Tree Kit


16 tree kit, reuse bags and tray.
Nothing else to buy!

I came up with this kit because I saw customers who wanted to grow trees but did not have use for as many as 100 trees. If you have some room and are willing to plant your trees as early as December, this is for you.

You must have a window with southern exposure. You also need to have the space to put the tray that is 9″X9″ and you should be able to water them about twice a week. The trees need to have plenty of light, as much as 12-14 hours of light per day. Normally during the winter you get only 9 hours. Light can be supplemented by fluorescent lights.

You can order op-367 or gazi cuttings this year, I will have DN-34 next next year.

These kits are available only from December to the end of September. Included with the kit is enough Promix BX to fill all the bags. As you fill the bags, place them in the tray and water them.

The video below shown 4 weeks from the time the cuttings were planted. They are at 72 degrees and are under 14 hours of light daily. These cuttings are OP-367.
he tray is not waterproof, but if you want it to keep some water on the bottom you can seal the corners with a drop of Household goop (Home Depot Paint Dept. Purple tube).
Insert the bottom of the cuttings in the Hormodin, tap to remove any excess, and insert them in the soil with the buds facing up, so that the tops of the cuttings barely show on top of the soil. Water again and you are done. Don’t let them dry out. The sprouts will start coming thru the soil within a week.

Take your trees outdoors whenever the temperature is above 38 degrees. You can even leave them outdoors overnight.

Do not add any fertilizer to the trees at this time. You will kill them. Low day temperatures (40-55) tend to stop trees from growing and they need to have a few days of warmer temps to get started again. All trees can be transplanted outdoors when there is no longer danger of a hard frost. You can start fertilizing at this time.

Compared to buying live or bareroot trees, this way you will save a lot of money and will allow you to plant trees much earlier, and if you want to continue growing more trees, just order more cuttings. You could do probably 3 batches every year.

What You Get:
16 2 bud cuttings.
16 plastic 1/8 Gallon bags
1 black plastic tray- assembled-
Enough Promix BX to fill all the bags
Hormodin 1 enough for a few hundred cuttings.
All this for $19.95 plus shipping