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Yes, you can find this plant anywere but nobody has the prices as low as I do. Not only that, I include fertilizer and rooting hormone so you can make as many plants as you want.

Stevia is not hardy at all, any frost will kill it. Stevia has been used for humdreds of years in Paraguay, South America as a sweetener. It is estimated that Stevia is 30 times more sweet than cane sugar. While the bushes grow fast, you will need at least 6 plants to be able to have a lot of material to make sweetener. That is the reason I send you 6 plants for you to grow and propagate, They come in a 6 plant pack, in their own soil.

Not all the plants may be ready to be transplanted, when they get 3 pairs of leaves or so, you can start moving them to gallon pots. In the meantime, keep them in the packs and mist them as often as you can to prevent dehydration. During cold weather keep your plants in a sunny window at room temperature. When the weather is nice (over 40 degrees) you can take them outside and leave them there until the fall. The leaves are the sweetest by the end of the growing season, around September. You can cut the entire plant down to 1 inch from the container, strip the leaves from the stalks, dry them and then ground them. This green powder can be used to sweeten coffee, tea, cakes, pies, and anything else that needs to be sweet. I never wait, whenever I need some, I just strip leaves off the plants and use them.

Bringing your plants indoors in the fall When it gets cold you have to bring your plants indoors. You can bing all of them if you have the space or just a few. Sometimes you can continue growing them, depending on what you have. Follow the directions given at this link:

Your cost is $38.00. That includes the postage. You can pay it with Paypal. or use your credit card. The cart will charge you 2.00 for handling. Your total is $40.00

I am including with this kit 8 doses of Osmocote and a measuring scoop. When you transplant them sprinkle a scoopful of Osmocote on each plant. The Osmocote is a slow release fertilizer that lasts 9 months. If you want to propagate them (and most people want to do that) just take tip cuttings (2 leaves) dip them in the Rooting hormone included and then put them in the pack with moist soil. Cut off about half of the leaves to prevent dehydration. Again, mist them at least daily.

Overseas customers: Yes, I ship all over the world. I have shipped these plants to Australia, Portugal, Brazil, and believe it or not, Mongolia. Here is what you do: Since the cart will not accept your address, send me your full mailing name and address and $45 via Paypal. The $45 includes everything. to wherever you are. It has been taking from 8 to 9 days for the plants to arrive. It takes 14 days to South America, 6 days to Manila in the Philipines. My plants are labeled "Medicinal Plants".

The package is on average 13-14 ounces Stevia can be consumed safely by people with diabetes. It has no calories and it is a natural sweetener. Stevia has been consumed by the Southamerican Indians for over 1500 years. Beware of "sugar free" foods you buy at the store, they all have splenda or aspartain or any of the other 50 different names for them, They are all chemically produced. The FDA does not allow any Stevia to be added to food or drinks. Why? Politics and... Monsanto. There are many products in the market that have been made from stevia, next time you to shipping look for Truvia, Stevia (walmart) and there are many others who have taken advantage of this sweetener and are making money out of it. You don't have to pay their high prices, just grow your own.

I grow 50 plants every year and in the fall I cut them down, dehydrate all the leaves and make about 1 lb of green powder. This is enough for all the "sweetening" I have to do during the year, even stevia syrup for the pancakes and waffles.

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