China and Bulgaria is where this tree originates. Shantong is a hybrid between the Paulownia Tormentosa and the White Paulownia. When the seeds from this hybrid tree are harvested, they are F1 seeds and they are certified as such. The seedlings have particular traits which will make this tree the fastest growing tree anywhere. This is the Shantong which can be harvested in 3 years as an adult tree. These seeds are expensive because there are very few of them at this time.

If you grow this tree to it's maturity and it produces seeds, those seeds will no longer be F1, Any trees grown from these seeds willl be F2. Some of the shantong traits the tree had, are no longer there.

All paulownia trees are softwood. A shantong grown in the North of the US will have more expensive wood because the rings are closer together therefore the grain is smaller. Prices for Shantong vary, you may be able to get $4 a board foot for shantong while price for black walnut is 70 cents and pine is 50 cents.

The shantong does not look that much different from all other paulownias


The fastest growing tree anywhere. Withstands temps down to -23 degrees Fahrenheit These are root cuttings taken from F1 growing trees. Cuttings are about 10 cm (4") long and about 1 cm (.5") in diameter. I have been experiment with roots of all sizes, last week I planted a root of paulownia kwakamii no thicker than 1/8 of an inch. It was about 2 inches long. Right now I have 3 different shoots growing from it, so, size and thickness of the root play a very small roll in weather or not it will grow.To plant, Make a trench, and plant them about 1" deep. Be sure the entire root is covered with soil. Space cuttings about 12 ft. Cuttings will start growing in April. They don't have to be planted right away. They can be kept in a dry, dark, draft free place for up to 5 months prior to planting. When the trees start growing, do not water them too much, once a week should be enough.

PA111 1 shantong cutting.
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