I have a few trees left and I want you to have some of them. This is how it works: They go in boxes of 8. with instructions and fertilizer. You just pick any 8 trees from the list and I will ship them to you. All trees are labeled to make easier for you to identify them. Most of the trees are 1 ft. in height, some are smaller such as the paulownias, the heucheras or the common privet.
Here is the list and the quantities: Gazi 16, heuchera (Coral Bells) 16, Common Privet 8, Bicolor butterfly bushes 16, Golden corkscrew 10, miyabeaum willow 3, Salix triandra willow 6, Paulownia Elongata 30, Paulownia Kawakamii 12, Stevia (Tender, bring inside in the fall) 10, Black willow 20, California Privet 5, Corkscrew willow 10, Ginkgo 4.
Your cost is $40 per box plus shipping. Popstage increase as you go farther West. All trees are shipped Priority Mail (2 or 3 days) . All the willows can be propagated by cuttings.
Trees will be shipped then same day you order them whenever possible.

Place your order here:

PA95 8 tree box
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what kind of trees you want.

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