Safe dog food that you make

When in the news they started talking about "looking" into the dry dog food. that is when I took my dog off of it.

Then I recalled I had a PDF file with all kinds of dog recipes in my computer, went thru it, and could not find anything easy to make for every day meals, so, using some of the ingredients I found in those recipes I made my own and... this is what I am feeding my dog:

Cook 2 cups of rice in 4 cups of water and 1 tbs of oil. (30 minutes on simmer)
Bake a potato (microwave 3 minutes)
Cook 1/2 lb of ground turkey (do the whole package and use half for the recipe, refrigerate the rest).

Cut the potato in little pieces and mix with the rice, ground turkey and add 1/4 tbs of garlic, mix well and give your pet about the same quantity you were giving him before you took him off the canned or dry food. Don't worry, he will eat it if not devour it. This recipe can be modified any way you want, if you don't give your pet any meat then go completely vegetarian. Use beans, peas, even lettuce, cabbage or carrots.
If you are concerned about giving your pet fiber, peas are a very good source of it. Looking for calcium? Add some soy beans to the mix. Keep leftovers refrigerated.

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