Planter for Cuttings

I searched all over the Internet for a tool to plant cuttings. The cheapest I could find was one for $29.50 plus shipping. Then I found an amish fabricator locally who is making these for me very inexpensively and I can pass the savings to you.

Just what you need to plant 9" poplar cuttings in very short time. With a little practice you can plant about 500 cuttings in one hour, 1200 if you have a helper.

You don't need instructions to learn how to use this tool, just put in on the ground, push it down with your foot, wiggle the tool a little to increase the size of the hole and remove. Insert the cutting. Drive the tool again about 1" from the cutting to push the dirt against the cutting and so remove air pockets. You are done.

While very practical, it is not an answer to every situation. If you live in a place that is very dry, and have no irrigation, unless you are committed to watering these cuttings on a daily basis for the first 3 or 4 months, don't use this tool, use the traditional way of digging a hole and mixing the soil with Watersorb. If you have a lot of clay in the soil then you may need longer cuttings that you can plant deeper. I can supply any size cuttings up to 6 ft.

How much for this tool? $24.50 plus shipping.

This tool is very rugged, it is made out of 3/4" steel tubing, it is 36" long, 8" wide and will last you for many thousands of cuttings.

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