It takes about 2 hours to put together one of these, it requires an LED string of 16 lights, a fedora hat, batteries and battery holders a little resistor and a lot of patience to make it work. No, there are no robots that can come up with one of these hats, they must be made by hand.

After all that, you wonder why I charge $40 for one of them. 2 hours translate into $20 for the person working on it, another $18 are spent on the items needed to put them together. That leaves me with $2 profit on each hat and that is debatable because I still need the box to ship it in, solder, shrink sleeving, equipment, etc. Well, when this catches up I will increase the price. The batteries on these hats will last 24 hours, probably longer, I just tested them. It takes 3 AAA batteries.

It is advisable to remove the batteries when you are not using the hats, (December 25 to the last day in November) as you know batteries tend to go bad and they show that by making a powdery substance which if it gets in contact with other metals, it damages them, so, to prevent them from damaging the battery holder, is better to remove them. When you put them back, be sure to inspect them first.

Most of these hats are the same size but many have different ways to make them smaller. Some have a sweat band that is elastic, you don't have to do anything to those, they will coform to your head size. Some have a string on the sweat band which you can tie to make the hat smaller. Others which have only the sweat band, you can put light cardboard strips between the sweat band and the hat. That will make them smaller.

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H10- Fedora Bowler Bow - This hat is prefered by the ladies because of the bow
H11- Fedora Beanie Cap - Unisex? This hat can be worn with the brim up or down. You may have to touch it up with steam to remove any wrinkles.
H12- Fedora Wide Brim -
H13- Fedora Fur -Faux
H14- Fedora George's hat -

PA271 Fedora Hat

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H10 Bowler Hat

H11 Beanie cap

H12 Wide Brim

H13 Fur Faux

H14 George's

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