As you can see, this page is still in its infancy, All I have is 3 photos.

it takes about 2.5 hours to put toghether one of these, it requires an LED string of 16 lights, a fedora hat, on/off switch, batteries and battery holders a little resistor and a lot of pacience to make it work.. No, there are no robots that can come up with one of these hats, they must be made by hand only.

After all that, you wonder why I charge $40 for one of them. 2.5 hours translate into $25 for the person working on it, another $10+ are spent on the items needed to put them together. That leaves me with $4 profit on each hat and that is debatable because I still need the hat, the box, solder, batteries, battery holders, shrink sleeving, equipment, the lights, switch, etc.. The batteries on these hats should last at least 2 months before require replacement. It takes 3 AAA batteries.

PA271 Fedora Hat

Sorry, due to the fact that these hats are so hard to get, and I order them about 2 months in advance, at this time you can not choose which hat you will get, however I will try to match your wishes. Hats are shipped via Priority Mail the same day you place your order. Yes, you pay priority mail postage

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