Gynura crepioides - Okinawa Spinach
Chinese medicinal plant

Notice the back of the leaves in the Gynura Crepioides is always purple.
That is the way I can tell it apart from the gynura procumbens

Gynura Crepioides Kit
6 plants
Rooting Hormone

I have read a lot of claims about this chinese medicinal plant, mainly about high blood pressure and high cholesterol. If you find any other claims, please let me know, I would like to include as much information on this page as I can find.

Gynura is not hardy at all, any frost will kill it . All I have seen ask you to have a gynura salad (use the leaves) daily. In order to do this you will have to have about 6 plants, that is the reason I will not sell you one plant, I will sell you 6 of them and they come in a 6 plant pack, in their own soil.

All the plants are ready to be transplanted, you can move them to 2 to 4 gallon pots. Keep your plants in a sunny window at room temperature when outside tempertures are below 40 degrees. In late Spring, Summer and early Fall, keep the containers outside. The leaves can be eaten in salads or added to soups or any other dishes.

Within weeks you should be able to start taking leaves. Your cost is $38.00 and that includes the postage within the US. You can pay it with Paypal. or use your credit card. The cart will charge you 2.00 for handling. Your total is $40.00.

I am including with this kit 8 doses of Osmocote and a measuring scoop. When you transplant them sprinkle a scoopful of Osmocote on each plant. The Osmocote will last 9 months. If you want to propagate them (and most people want to do that) just take tip cuttings (2 or 3 leaves) dip them in the Rooting hormone included and then put them in the pack with moist soil. Cut off about half of the leaves to prevent dehydration. Again, mist them at least daily.

Overseas customers: Yes, I ship all over the world. I have shipped these plants to Australia, Portugal, Brazil, Romania, and believe it or not, Mongolia. Here is what you do: Since the cart will not accept your address, send me your full name and address and $40 via Paypal. Postage for packages outside the US is $10 more than local shipping, so, please send $50. My plants are labeled as "Medicinal Plants"

Please be aware I don't send half empty containers, I ship 6 plants every time, and I have no reason to short change you. If you have any plants missing, look at the customs, check the package and see if it looks like it has been opened. or tampered with.

When you get your gynura plants, please inspect them carefully, Gynuras attract aphids and you should always be aware of that. There are many solutions to get rid of aphids, One of the remedies I have found for them is. Neem Oil. You can find it on the Internet, it is not expensive. Mix 1/2 tsp of neem with 1/4 tsp Ivory dishwashing liquid, and 1 pint of warm water. Shake that well and spray the plants with it. Tops, bottoms and all the way around. Discard the mixture when done because its half life is only a few hours. Apply this neem to the plants every other day for 2 weeks. By the time you finish the plants will be growing again fast and very green. Once you get rid of the aphids, spray the plants about every 2 weeks to be sure they don't come back. I have noticed that during the summer, the aphids are not a problem.

I have 6 kits of these plants ready to be shipped at any time, any season.

PA186 6 Gynura Crepioides Kit $38.00

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