They have come from as far as 185 miles away to pickup my poplars!
Why? They can't find them anywhere!

Now you can do the same thing, grow poplars and sell them. All you need is the cuttings, 1/8 Gallon growing bags, some potting soil and some water every other day.

Yes, it is very easy, if you are interested in selling trees, there are customers all over the USA, who are looking for poplars. Start growing them, let people know where you are - Your name and address on this site at no charge will guide people in the right direction - and you will be selling poplars in no time.

How much does it cost and how do you do it?
Let's suppose you want to start small, say 100 trees.

Take a look at my 100 tree kit. (this kit is available only from December to June) You get to grow 100 trees for 68.00 plus shipping. Soil? Get a bale of Pro-mix BX, There is enough soil in it for 500 bags.
The kit comes with full instructions.

After you grow your trees, plant 10 of them and sell the rest. On February of next year you cut down the 10 trees. You will get over 500 cuttings from them. Either grow them to sell or sell them as cuttings, the next year, however you will have well over 1500 cuttings from your 10 trees. The trees will grow more and more every year. Mine grow about 16 ft. per year. You know the rest.

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