Yes, completely free!

I planted a lot of gazi trees last year and now I have plenty of cuttings which will go to waste if you don't take them., so, if you want some of those cuttings, come with your pruners and take them from the trees, I will show you where they are and how to take them. Don't worry, I know I will not run out of cuttings, there are there at least half a million of them.

To refresh your memory the gazi trees grow to be about 75 ft. in 10 years, will live about 35 years and they are only 6 ft. wide, very small footprint.

Just send me an email ( telling me when and what time approximately you are coming.

This offer is good from now until the second week in March 2018 when the trees start coming out of dormancy and any cuttings taken after this time may not grow.

Where to go?
12 Brook circle, Glenmoore PA, 19343. If you have a GPS, it will bring you to the door. Please park in the driveway.

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