Who am I?

Here are some places where you can check me out!

I am a member of

Growit.com Wholesale Database -search for hybrid poplar trees

Gardenweb.com Search for free corkscrew willow cuttings

Davesgarden.com Go to Marketplace, Garden Watchdog, search for hybrid poplar trees and read feedback dating back to 2002

Freeplants.com (backyard growers) Enter then go to the message board and search for Frank Gomez

Ebay.com Positive Feedback 100% Score 953 search for "100 giant sequoia" then click on Other items

Security Metrics Certified. The agency that licenses Companies to use a cart to collect money

My name is
Frank Gomez
12 Brook Circle
Glenmoore PA. 19343

Home 610-942-9114
Cell 610-304-4762.


Finally, I am 74 years old and

I guess I cannot be more accessible than that!

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