Contacting me

I am always accessible, all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 610-942-9114 or 610-304-4762, my cell phone. I am at the office most of the time and I have the cell with me all day long.We usually retire by 11 and I get started around 7:30 in the morning.

While I would like to hear your voice, there is a better way of contacting me and that is because I have a hearing impediment that they call "discrimination" That is, when sounds reach the ears, they all go in at the same time, no matter where they come from, in other words, TV sounds and voices from a person talking to me mingle together so that I can not understand either one. Hearing aids just make the problem worse, by making the "noises" even louder. That is why I like you to send me email, I always try to reply to every email the same day. Here is my address

A better way yet, if the message is not personal, is by placing a post in the forums. Here is the forum address Placing posts in the forums gives you the chance to get input not only from me but from other people who may read your post and probably have better answers than mine. I also check all posts at least twice a day.

My computer is on most of the day, and I have Skype running, if I hear it, I will answer it. My skype name is fgomezclones.

Have you ever tried to contact a large corporation such as Microsoft, HP, or Paypal thru the phone only to spend 4+ hours to find a phone number that when you call you have to talk to a machine until it hangs up on you? This will not happen here, If I am not here, my machine will answer and I will call you back at the first chance I get.

If for any reason you need my address it is

Frank Gomez
12 Brook Circle
Glenmoore PA 19343

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