This page holds the stuff people have sent me. If you have any good photos you would like me to put up, or if you have some good advise attached to photos, e-mail them to me, I will put them on this page.

May 6, 2002 Morning,
Just wanted to say what a good experience it has been buying trees from you. I have bought stuff from the other guys, but they are too big for their britches. Your trees came when they were supposed to, they were well packaged and man did they look healthy! Best of all, ten trees ordered and ten trees growing. Thanks again.

Doug Melchi

May 25, 2002
Mr. Gomez,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the poplar cuttings last week. They were in very good condition. The packaging were excellent and it shows that you really care about your product. I made some comparisons with other providers of Hybrid Poplar cuttings and they don't even come close to the quality of the cuttings that you sell. One guy in Colorado sent me 15 skinny sticks. It looks like he snipped some tips of a tree and mailed it to me. They were not even placed in a plastic bag. Needless to say, that's the last time I will buy from him.


May 29, 2002
Sergy Flores

Hi Frank,

I got my shipment of 10 6' poplars last Thursday and they are all planted. Some are already beginning to sprout leaves. Last year's 6' poplars are magnificent - some are 12' and very full. Some the deer ate but are making a comeback. I am very pleased with your trees and your business. You ship when you say you will and everything arrives in great shape. Keep up the good work!

I have a question. There are some poplars growing from seed from a nearby poplar. Is there any way to tell the sex of these small trees so that I can pull the females and leave the males? Thanks.

Henry Retter

Just a testimonial for you

your poplars really stand up to high kansas I accidentilly downed two of your small cuttings last year (stepped on them), and they are growing back.this year.

tell your midwest buyers to use your watersorb and water everyday when it gets into the 90's. until they get over 4 feet with full leaves.and they will grow like weeds when young they cant stand 100 degrees without water every day.your milk jug watering system should make things easy.
joe elliot

July 30, 2002
I just wanted to let you know that I a totally astonished at the rate of growth of these trees! Of the ten, I only lost one (and I am sure that was my fault) and they have grown from 3ft tall to over 11 feet tall on just 2.5 months! Have a question, they have limbs growing out low (1-3 ft off the ground) and one tall trunk limb with the biginningings of limbs higher up...should I cut the lower limbs off to promote more higher growth,,,if so now or in the fall, and can I then plant those trimmed limbs as cuttings? If so, how? Thank you again, very satisfied with your product, and am refering you to a number of other potential customers!
Best Regards, Bob Palmer

Dear Sir,
I must admit when I received my poplar trees from the UPS driver and opened the box I thought I had been ripped off...I sure don't think that now. You said my trees should grow about 5 feet the first trees must like me 'cause my shortest one has grown to 7 feet tall in the worst soil on my property (mostly rock).
My biggest tree is just under 13 feet tall and the trunk is 2 and 1/2 inches in diameter...I still can't believe it went from the "little twig" less than 5 months ago to a huge tree today. Also, two of my trees were not getting enough I did something that should have killed them...I transplanted them to the west side of the house during July when it was over 100 degrees out. I thought for sure I had killed them...but I faithfully watered them everyday and in three weeks they came back to life and sprouted leaves out of dried dead looking branches. They are now over 5 feet tall and look as healthy as a tree can look.
A million thanks for your "more than I paid for" product (trees) I hope to borrow a digital camera so I can e-mail some photos of the trees to you...
Thanks Again...

Ernest Walker

The two trees that are next to the road are your stock. The trees I had cut down they were frozen to -13 degrees two nights in a row June 15 &16 /2003. They were stumped to 8 inches. By the end of October they were 8 ft. tall but had multiple trunks but good overall shape.

Hi Frank, I bought 9" cuttings, and I believe they were "OP-367"'s they were planted on May 8th of last year (2003), so the pictures show them exactly 13 months ago. No fertilizer was used. If I did, I'm convinced they would be even taller. We had a long cold tough winter and a very wet spring. The 12' tall ones are all in the corner of my property, where I believe years ago a farmer used to have a garden. The rest are planted in what was always just a hayfield. They are all in two rows, staggered, planted every 6 feet, with the rows 6' apart.

As you can see, I took your advice and did the shingle thing. I wish I did that last year. If people wonder, the trees are planted in two staggered rows, the rows are six foot apart and the trees are six feet apart, as per your instructions. If people ask, these are planted in Batavia, N.Y., about 30 miles east of Buffalo.

Some of the trees are small, because I accidently weedwhacked a few of them, and this last fall and winter the deer found out they tasted great. After the damage was done, I used two applications of "Deer Off", on Thanksgiving and Valentines day....(three months apart). I think I will have to keep buying deer repellent yearly, until they get big.

I'll probably be placing a small order soon to replace the 6 or so trees that I hurt with the trimmer. Thanks again for your help. I'll look forward to seeing my babies on your website.

Frank D'Angelo

I had lost these photos, another customer had them in his computer and sent them to me.

Now you can se the before (2003) and the after (2008).




Just wanted to share with you my wonderful success with your poplars. In April of 2006 I planted (3) 1 year old 6ft OP-367's. Their diameter was about the same as my index finger. After planting them they stood about 4ft high. As of today almost exactly 3 years later they stand over 20ft high with a diameter at the base of nearly 6in and 4in DBH. Now you have to understand that I live in Minot, North Dakota which is zone 3B and only 55 miles south of the Canadian border. We have very long, harsh winters and short, somewhat dry summers. We only have leaves on our trees from mid-May thru early October. On top of that our soil has a fairly high PH.

I can't even begin to imagine the growth these clones would get in a warmer wetter climate with better soil! Your website taught me a great deal about poplars. I have now started to grow nearly a hundred of my own trees from cuttings off the originals and am having great success. I hope to soon be growing several hundred every year to help offset the massive losses we will soon have from Emerald Ash Borer. Our tree population is 60% ash. Hybrid poplar are so easy to grow and turn out to be a beautiful, vibrant tree. It's almost a crime to not plant one!

Thanks for everything!

Rob Hanks, North Dakota


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