Yellow Leaves
Probably this is the most common question. By the middle of July the bottom leaves of the poplars start turning yellow. This happens every year and there is nothing you can do about it, I have no idea why it happens, it just does but this does not affect the trees at all.

What is a cutting?
Hybrid poplars do not reproduce by seeds like any other tree. The only way to propagate them is by means of pieces of the tree, cuttings, slips, starts, or whatever else you want to call them.
To produce these cuttings, a tree has to be planted and at the end of the year, the tree will be a tall stick with no branches, only leaves. When it goes dormant and all the leaves fall off, the tree is trimmed down. The part that was cut off is used to make cuttings of different lengths. The remaining stump (about 4 inches tall) will grow in the next year to be cut down again and repeat the process.
Aaall of my cuttings are 3-5 inches long and no thicker than 5/16". When do I use Watersorb
It depends on how much work you want to put into your planting. If you have just a few trees to plant, it is easy to dig the holes, mix the watersorb with the soil, and then plant your tree and replace the soil. The purpose of this polymer is to retain the water so the tree is not stressed when the water supply gets low. Watersorb is capable to retain a lot of water, but if you put too much, you end up with mud, which will kill the tree. That is why it is suggested not to use more than a tablespoon of the stuff per tree.
The theory is that as the tree starts growing, fast, water thirsty roots will start spreading in all directions. Any root within 5 or so inches from the tree (or cutting) will find it easy to locate the much needed water. As the roots get farther away from the tree, it becomes more difficult to locate the water. Still the tree will have the watersorb retained water to use while the other roots find more water. The watersorb will last for one season. This is long enough to help the tree in times of trouble. By the second year, the roots will be as deep as 10 ft., some of them will have found ground water, and the tree can survive on its own.

On the other hand, if you have 500 cuttings to plant, and don't have much time to mess with them, you can just use the cutting planter making sure to keep the cuttings watered. With enough water you can get 100% growth. Of course, if you have irrigation, watersorb is not needed.

What kind of payment do you take?
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