----Cuttings are available only from December to the end of June every year----

No matter where you are, I can send you some of my cuttings!

If you are interested in a lot of cuttings, this is not for you, but if you just want some to get started, then I can help you.

I have been experimenting with sending small packages (less than a pound) to several different countries. My list of successes includes Korea, Netherlands, Lithuania, Japan, Iran, Germany, Australia, Portugal, Mongolia and many packages to Canada.

I sent these packages via air mail, no insurance, no special markings, and the contents were declared as macrame spindles (they require a clear description of the contents). Not too far apart from the truth, since I did apply a knife to the cuttings and the are made out of wood.. Every package arrived to its destination within 9 days, good enough for the cuttings to survive.

So why can't I use the regular mode of shipment? Normally every country requires that live plant shipments include a phytosanitary certificate which costs the buyer $61 for certificates and is issued by the USDA. Some countries even require an import license which has to be requested from the State Department. This import license must be in English or it will not be accepted.. After all the paperwork, when the package arrives to the country of destination, customs will hold it for a few days to a couple of weeks in "quarentine" and inspection. By the time the package is released and delivered, the cuttings or plants are dead in many cases.

If you want to bypass all that, and do it the way I have been doing it, there is a catch. You are taking risks that the package will never arrive, or that customs will open it, inspect it, and discard it and you will be very upset... but losing $25 is much better than losing. $85. Keep in mind, I will do my part, and ship it. If the package never makes it, it will be your loss, not mine.

What cuttings can you buy to do this?
Any cuttings from my 2 bud cutting page . Keep in mind, these are available only from December to June. You can also get gynura plants and I ship them anywhere in the world. Shipping for these is varied. I have seen postage charges from $10 shipping to Canada, to $14 to Portugal. I just sent a small plant to Ireland, it cost me 25 to send. Yes, prices are changing. Gynura shipments are marked as medicinal plants. Never had any problems with them, yet.

How will they be shipped?
Air Mail Parcel Post.

How much will it cost you for shipping charges? The minimum is $10.00 but it changes a lot.

If your package is less than 1/4 lb, most likely it will cost about $10 to ship it.

Please try to keep the package as small as possible, not only don't want to raise their suspicions. by shipping a large box, if you get only 5 cuttings, in a few weeks they will start growing and you can take cuttings and multiply them fast. Not that I don[t want to sell, I don't want you to loose your money .

Shippping charges: Plese include the $10 when you send your money and when you receive the package, if the cost of postage was more than what you sent, then you can send me the difference via Paypal. I will trust you.

How many cuttings can I get in a pound? Depends on the variety. Please refer to the chart below.

What grows where you are?
In general the poplars I carry (OP-367) will grow north of the 30th Parallel in the Northern hemisphere and South of the 30th parallel in the Southern Hemisphere.
Willows I have seen weeping willows growing at 8 degrees north of the Equator and 10,000 feet above sea level, so I would venture to say they grow just about anywhere except where the altitude is high 5500 ft. or higher above sea level..
Privet It comes from China and takes the cold temperatures quite well. I don't know if it will grow close to the tropics, you would have to try them.
The best way to find out what grows in your area is to visit the Forest Service web site of your country.

VarietyQuantity Per Pound
Curly Willow250
Weeping willow500
Common Privet250

Unfortunately my cart is not able to accept any orders from outside the USA. When you are ready, just be sure I have in stock what you need email me here. when you get a response remit payment via Paypal (they accept all major credit cards and you don't have to have an account with them) Send to fgomez@hybridpoplars.com. When you send the money, be sure to send it as a gift. If you don't, Paypal will keep about 5% of whatever you send. I will do my best to ship on the same day.

Another way to pay: You can also send me money via Western Union. There are Western Union offices all over the world.

Exporting trees - Yes, it is possible but very expensive. To start with, you must have the phytosanitary certificate and there is all the paperwork that is needed to get the trees into the plane. That will also cost. Stick with the cuttings, they will be trees in no time.

Please do not send money orders from outside the US. My bank will not accept them. One of the only ways to send me money is thru paypal to fgomez@hybridpoplars.com . The other one is thru Western Union. They have made it much easier and you can send money from just about any country. I do not ship anything to the following countries: Greece, Bulgaria, India.

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