10,000 Paulownia Elongata Seeds.

These seeds were harvested in October 2016 and will remain fresh at least for 3 years, just keep them refrigerated (40 degrees).

PA89 10,000 seeds. Added Hormodin 1 to help with the rooting and Bordeaux Powder, a fungicide, to help prevent Damping off. Seeds are shipped First Class. Growing instructions are below. $10


You will need the following:

1 1020 tray with holes

1 1020 tray solid (no holes) Most of these supplies you can get from HTGSupply.com, these trays can be purchased one at a time.

Fine soil, top soil will do as long as it does not have any seeds or clay. I use pro-mix BX with mycorrhizae Rooting hormone (Hormodin 1—if you purchased 5,000 seeds from me they already have hormodin1 and fungicide.)

Fresh Seeds

Water. 16 oz.

A light source to be kept on 24/7. The one I use is from HGTsupply.com. Pricy but it works. Bottom heat for the trays. Search for a “propagation mat” very inexpensive from Ebay . Look at my setup,

I have the trays over the heating pad, the lights are about 12” from the trays and there is a small fan which is always moving air across the top of the trays. This helps prevent damping off.


Place tray with holes inside the solid tray, add a pint of water, and about an inch of soil, flatten it and place them on top of the heat source. Be careful not to put it too close, I had to add a 1/4" spacer between the propagation mat and the trays to keep the soil at 70-80 degrees. Wait until the soil feels moist.

Start with a few seeds. (500 or so), sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil. DO NOT COVER. The seeds need light to germinate. Fit the see-thru dome on top of the trays. This will keep moisture within the trays. The seeds will sprout in 3 to 5 days. Remove the dome. From now on the seeds will require about 16 oz of water daily (the fan evaporates most of it) You can leave the plants in the trays for about a month. Otherwise, you can start carefully removing the plants that are growing so they do not overcrowd the new seedlings and plant them in individual containers. . Move those containers to a place where they can be watered or misted on a daily basis.. With the dome off, make sure the fan is working. At this time mortality is high, probably 10%. After a month or so mortality drops to 0%.

Move plants to half gallon containers, allow them to grow about 6 inches then place them in the ground spaced about 12 ft.

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