We are human and as humans we make mistakes. Even I have my share of mistakes, such as putting labels on the wrong boxes, or sending the wrong kind of cuttings. While all these are not acceptable, they happen. When it happens everyone is frustrated.

If you have to contact me for any reason about your order, remember I must have the order number, 8 digits, it starts with "6003". Without it, it takes me a long time to find you, so, please make sure you include it. Your name means little, because I have no automatic way of searching for it. With an order number I can have all the information I need on front of me in seconds.

Sometimes I have several phone calls in my answering machine. I take them in the order they came in, but if they have an order number I take those first, because I know I can solve the problem quicker.

What works best, phone calls or E-mail? E-mail. I will reply to any emails that have an order number as soon as I can find an answer for you. Phone calls take longer because if you are not home and there is no answering machine, I will have a hard time getting a hold of you.

Frank .

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