Bark Protector

Do you have new trees and are wondering how are you going to keep your trimmer from peeling the bark off those tender trunks?

I don't know how come I did not come up with this earlier. Go to Home Depot and pickup a length of Drain pipe. It is white on the outside and black on the inside, 4" in diameter, very light because it is made out of core plastic. You have to cut it at the store because it comes inly in 10 ft. lengths,. so just cut it in half.

Back at home, I cut it in 5" lengths and another cut lengtwise. Add a cable tie around it and make it snug. . Once you have your protectors, you can just put them around your small trees and watch them grow. I ship the cable tie separate, so you can add it after you put the protector around the tree.

The photo had not been on line for 24 hours when I got an email asking me how much they were... The idea was that you could make these and use them, I now realize that there are some people who just don't have the tools needed to make these simple things. Well, now I am in the protector business. This present new dilemas. The problem is not cutting them, it is shipping them. They are light but very bulky if you need a mess of them it can become an expensive proposition

I am placing a cart entry below, please do not believe the shipping charges, I am guessing it, the cost really depends on the box size I will have to use. Sometimes the post office charges by the size rather than by weight.

PA14 Bark Protector $1.50

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