Another way to pay

While most of you will pay with either credit card or Paypal, there are other ways to do it.
I spend hours just doing paperwork, which I consider unnecessary in most cases. Some forms of payment will require that I spend more time processing orders rather than shipping them.

Money orders Don't place the order at all, just send me a money order with all the pertinent information. I will ship the cuttings on the same day.

Silver quarters:don't place the order anywhere, just send me the quarter with your name and address. I ship the cuttings the same day. I will accept one quarter as form of payment for the 5 cuttings offer. The quarter has to be one of the following to qualify: Liberty Head 1892-1916, Standing Liberty 1916-1930 and Washington 1932, 1934-1964.
No other quarters have silver.

Personal Checks: I do not accept personal checks. If you send me one, send me also a postage stamp. You will get it right back. No stamp? I will destroy your check.

Western Union. Yes, they have offices in just about every city in the world. You can send me money just about from anywhere. please do not send from North Korea, Iran, Venezuela or any other countries where it is forbiden to send anything. I woud not get it. My email address if you send me money is Yes, it is more work for me, requires a 10 mile trip but if you think it is worth it, send me a few more dollars for my trip and time.

Call me Sorry, I am too busy to be calling anybody for $6. Either you want them or you don't.

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