Another way to pay

While most of you will pay with either credit card or Paypal, there are other ways to do it.
I spend hours just doing paperwork, which I consider unnecessary in most cases. Some forms of payment will require that I spend more time processing orders rather than shipping them.

Money orders Don't place the order at all, just send me a money order with all the pertinent information. I will ship the cuttings on the same day.

Silver quarters:don't place the order anywhere, just send me the quarter with your name and address. I ship the cuttings the same day. I will accept one quarter as form of payment for the 5 cuttings offer. The quarter has to be one of the following to qualify: Liberty Head 1892-1916, Standing Liberty 1916-1930 and Washington 1932, 1934-1964.
No other quarters have silver.

Personal Checks: I do not accept personal checks. If you send me one, you will get it right back.

Echeck. That is a bad idea. echeck for $6? It is a waste of my time.

Call me Sorry, I am too busy to be calling anybody for $6. Either you want them or you don't.

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